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 Information management & Strategy  

Issued books (all in persian)

   Iranian Culture in the West

   Visual Basic 6

   Rayan English-Persian Dictionary


   Creative Design of an Information Centre (Report to TIIC Institute)  
   Generalized Theory of Conflict Strategies

   What's Strategy - And Does It Matter?,  Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.)

   Research & Development in South Korea, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.)  

Inedited titles (under press)

   Modern Persian Dictionary

   Expert Systems

   The Divan of Hafiz

   History of Balkans

   Rhazes and Russell

   English Pronunciation

   Spacecraft Propulsion

   English 2006



   Basic Research in Japan, Rahyaft Magazine  
   Five Papers on Strategy, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.)  
   Scientific System of Managing Research Projects, ARSI, monograph  
   Organizational Strategy, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.)  
   Organizational and Behavioural Aspects, Research Centre of Strategy, (transl.)  
   Technology Transfer: Industrialization in Developing Countries, (transl.)  
   Scientific Criticism  
   Plagiarism, 1998  
   Present Challenges in Iran's Research System  




     I ran Virtual Academy



International Development of Persian Language   Intelligence Engineering

   Super-logic Theory

   Theoretical model of Creative Intelligent System

   A Theory of Special Systems

   Generalized Theory of Uncertainty

   Research Programme on Intelligent system

   Multilingual Processing System

   Natural Language Processing (NLP)

   Expert Systems  

   Semantic Database 


Informatics & Computing

   Dictionary of Computer

   Computer-Aided Design

   Papers on Uncertainty, Abduction, and Statistics & Computer

   Uncertainty in Expert Systems

   Medical Expert Systems

   Understanding, Knowledge and Uncertainy

   Dimensional Theory of Number


Index: software



   Persian Influence on The World

   Iranian Culture in the West

   Persian Words in Bible


Iranian studies


   Auflistung der Schahname (Firdosis Schahname Lexikon)

   The Edited Divan of Hafiz

   Modern Persian Dictionary
   Shahnameh Studies

   Dictionary of New Persian
   A Comparative Survey on Iranian Etymology
   Indogermanic Roots of Modern Persian

   A Glossary of Persian & English Cognates
   Persian Verb Patterns
   Persian Syntax, (transl.)
   Speech Patterns of Persian Language, (as index)

   A Theory of Persian Word Pronunciation Patterns

   Affix in Persian
   A Glossary of Sa'di's Gulistan
   A Short Glossary of Old Persian
   Basic Grammar of Persian Language
   Persian S/W Patterns


Indo-European Languages

   Grandriss Der Deutschen Philologie: A Research Programme

   Theory of Type A & B Synthetic Languages

   General Theory of Contrast Factors of Pronunciation
   History of Germanic Languages
   Deutsch-Persisch Worterbuch
   Naturwissenschaften und Technik Worterbuch
   Basic Vocabulary of Dutch-Persian & Persian-Dutch
   Indogermanic Morphemes

   Danish-Persian/ Persian-Danish Dictionary
   Comparative Vocabulary of Indogermanic Languages


   Scandinavian Words in English
   The English Words Borrowed from Dutch and Afrikaans
   Modern Celtic Loan Words in English

   Basic Vocabulary of German-Persian


   Rayan English-Persian Dictionary
   English Pronunciation
   English 2006
   Persian-English Dictionary
   English Phonetic Patterns
   English-Persian Dictionary of Current Idiomatic
   English Etymology
   English Dictionary
   English Verbs
   Scientific Translation

   Persian-Portugese Dictionary

   A Vocabulary of Indo-European Roots

   German & English Cognates

   Morphology of French Language
   Dictionario Italiano Persiano

   History of Fino-Ugric Languages
   History of Germanic People
   History of Early England

Iranian Database of Dictionaries  
   Persian-English Lexicon (LPE Programme)


Internet library    

New Words

   Dictionary of Electronics & Computer Technology

   Dictionary of Sociology

   Dictionary of Computer



     I nfo-Tech        Ideas & Theories
Ion & Plasma

   A Theory of Hybrid Confinement Systems

   Mirror Fusion Test Reactor (MFTR) Project-inf1

   A Concise Course in Plasma Physics & Nuclear Fusion

   Spacecraft Propulsion

   Computer Simulation in Fusion Engineering

   Nuclear Processes of Fission & Fusion

   Theory of Solar System Formation:based on SE model
   Plasma Astrophysics


   New Theory of Time

   Infrared Radiation & Its Application

   Gravitational Waves


Industry & Technolgy Transfer

   Polymer Concrete

   Sulfur Concrete

   Color Glass

   Three Reports on Industrial Mineral, Xerox and Printing Inks

   Ceramic Pigments


Inorganic Chemistry

   A Theory on New Arrangement of Elements Table

   Hydrogen: Production & Application

   Industrial Processes of Inorganic Compounds


Electronics & Control Systems
   Dictionary of Electronics & Computer Technology, not published.
   Glossary of Electrical Engineering

   Artificial Heart: A Control System



   A Concise Course in Plate Tectonics

   Planet Tectonics
   A Neotectonic Theory
   Eotvos Force on the Lithosphere
   Radiochronology: Radiometeric-dating
   Geologic Time

  Interpretation of Civilization: Techno-sphere


   Civilization Engineering Research Project
   Civilization Studies: Phase 1- Human & Biosphere
   Several Papers on Civilization
   Historical Demography of Civilizations
   Index of the World Civilizations
   Study of Civilization
   Technology and Civilization
   Evolutionism: Gradual Creation Theory
   Evolution History
   Statistical Data on Civilization Study

   History of Balkans

   Research System of The Middle East History

   Economy of Islamic Civilization

 History of Ancient Europe

   History of Fino-Ugric Languages
   History of Germanic People
   History of Early England
   Prehistoric Greece


Intellectual papers & Philosophy

   Encyclopedia of Philosophy

   Lexique Philosophique

   Rhazes and Russell

   theory of 12 Years Aging Power Layers

   Stage Introspection: A Cognitive Theory

   Discussions on Mathematical Philosophy

   Lateral Thinking, (transl.)

   Dictionary of Sociology

   Glossary of Philosophy and Social Sciences
   Sociology of Computer
   Sociology of Management
   Sociology of Technology
   Left and Right Tendencies
   Anatomy of Two Revolutions
   A Survey on State Documents (1967-1977)

   Sociology of Religious Societies
   Social Discourses

   Observations in Scientific Criticism


Islam & the West

   On Christ

   Rhazes and Russell

   The Interesting on Internet

Ibn Sina





Dictionary   Learning

   Deutsch-Persisch Worterbuch
   Naturwissenschaften und Technik Worterbuch
   Basic Vocabulary of Dutch-Persian & Persian-Dutch

   Danish-Persian Dictionary

   Rayan English-Persian Dictionary
   Persian-English Dictionary


   English Pronunciation

   English 2006



   Dictionary Websites



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